Please refer to the CLASS'S PAGE, for descriptions of the individual classes.   Please refer to the camp map below for the location of all activities. 

   FRIDAY  (May 19th)
  • [OPTIONAL] Carpooling to Fort Casey:  (To be arranged on your own) Meet for coffee and snacks, drive or carpool to Fort Casey (carpooling to be arranged individually.   Please post on our FACEBOOK GROUP if you need or can offer carpools
  • 11:00am-6:00pm:  Free time to explore Fort Casey, bike the State Park, check out the cute little town of Coupeville, etc.  Great opportunity to hike, bike, explore, play, and R&R, or come help us set up and decorate the musiquarium for the evening's dance! 
  • 5:00-6:00pm:  [Pre Camp Group Dinner, OPTIONAL $17]
  • 6:00-7:30pm:  Camp check-in at Auditorium 'A' (Auditorium 'A' is the first building you see from the South entrance, just across from the gym.  See map below).  At registration, feel free to submit suggestions or topic ideas for our group-discussion break-out sessions.
  • 8:00-9:00pm:  Meet & Greet, Introductions & Games with Ari & Tzoul in the Music-quarium (Auditorium 'A')
  • 9:00pm-3:00am or later:  "Friday Night Dance & Late Night Magic" PARTY THEME:  "Treasure Trunk of Textures"  (Wear your fabulous gear that feels knobby, furry, smooth, silky, or just downright bizarre.  Dancing is a tactile experience after all!)
  • 10:00pm-1:00am or later:  Dorm 'F' Meeting Room available for late night practice, dancing (bring your own music to DJ; sound system will be provided)
  SATURDAY  (May 20th)
  • 8:00-9:00am:  [GROUP BREAKFAST]  
  • 10:00-12:00pm:  Morning 'Mind-Bending' Dance Workshop A   
      • A:  “Kinetic Intimacy” with Shanti
  • 12:00-1:30pm: [GROUP LUNCH]  
  • 1:15-2:30pm:  Afternoon 'Mind-Blowing' Dance Workshops  B & C
      • B  “Fluid Fusion Switching”, with Jessie:  
      • C:  “How to do more ‘Aah’, with Lessa”, by Lessa  
  • 2:45-4:00pm:  Afternoon 'Body-Bending' Dance Workshops D & E
      • D:  "Hidden Hand Changes” & “Magical Illusions", with Ari & Alyssa 
      • E:  "Bringing Back Kindergarten - A Musical Exploration", with Nemo
  • 4:00-4:45pm:  Guided Practice in Music-quarium
  • 5:00-6:00pm: [GROUP DINNER]
  • 6:00-8:00pm:  "HEART-SOUND FUSION VIDEO PROJECT"  Join us as we create a unique NW Fusion Youtube Dance Video using the many landscapes of Camp Casey as our backdrop and you as the stars!  This will be awesome  :)
  • 6:15-7:30pm: Facilitated Group Discussion (Topics TBA);  Free Time 
  • 6:15-7:30pm:  Firepit open for  S'Mores (Optional, Weather Permitting)
  • 8:00-9:00pm:  Pre-Party Group Dance Workshop F: "Fusion-Waltz & the Art of Improvising"
      • F:  “Takin’ the Confusion out of Waltz-Fusion”, with Ari & Alyssa
  • 9:00-9:30pm:  The Waltz-Lovers Pre-Party Mini-Hour!
  • 9:30pm-3:00am-ish:  "Saturday Night Dance & Late Night Luxuriating"   PARTY THEME:  "Nautical by Nature" (Wear your greens, your blues, your corals, or anything with an underwater bubbly feeling)
  • 10:00pm-3:00am-ish:  Dorm 'F' Meeting Room Available for Late Night & Early Morning Self-Spin (bring your own music; sound system provided)
  • 12:00am:   Midnight Snacks & Mixer 
  • 12:00am-1:15am:  Dance Workshop G
      • “Midnight Micro” with Austin  (in the Grotto-for-Getting-Better)
  • 3:00-5:00am or later:  Early Morning Chill with Tzoul. 
      SUNDAY, MAY 21st
    • 8:00-9:00am:  [GROUP BREAKFAST]
    • 9:30-10:30:  Room Checkout (luggage storage available)
    • 10:30-12:00pm:  Late-Morning 'Mind-Bending', 'Music-Melting' Dance Workshop H  
        • H:  “Flashy Fusion” with Sarah & Chaz
    • 12:00-1:00pm: [GROUP LUNCH]
    • 1:15-2:30pm:  Afternoon 'Mind-Blowing' Dance Workshops I & J 
        • I: “How to dance the Tzoul so low”, with Tzoul   
        • J:  "Play-Full Senses" with Matia:   
    • 2:45-3:45pm:  Dance Workshop K:  
        • "Bringing it Home, Putting it Together:  Introducing "Troikas & "Steals", plus Closing Ceremony & Surprise Group Activity
    • 4:00pm:  Pack Up & Head Back To Seattle For the After-Party at Om Fusion (See directions on "Getting There" Page)
    • 8:00-9:00pm:  Pre-Dance Lesson at Om Fusion
    • 9:00pm-12:00am :  Sunday After-Party at Om Fusion!

    Map of the Casey grounds

    • All group meals will be in "Sho'Nuf Cafe" (Mess Hall 'A') 
    • Registration, both Friday & Saturday dances, and half of the workshops will be in the "Musiquarium" (Auditorium 'A')   
    • Half of the workshops, late-night practice, privates, and self-DJ'd dancing will be in the "Grotto for Getting Better" (Company Quarters 'F' Meeting Room)
    • For detailed descriptions about the classes & class schedule, please go to Class's Page