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 Class topics & descriptions are subject to change as per instructor's wishes.   
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------------------------- SATURDAY, June 2, 2018 -------------------------

WORKSHOP A  (10am-12pm):  “The Physics of Dance" (with Ryan & Jenny)  

In this class we will build the essential foundations of good body mechanics and physics while executing challenging and fun leans, dips, and tricks. We will explore techniques to work on stabilizing and balancing your partner for both the lead and follow. We will also work on building trust with your partner so you can both feel safe to express yourself in exquisite new ways.

WORKSHOP B  (1:15-2:30pm):   “Grammar, Punctuation, and Pronunciation for Partner Dancing" (with Tzoul)

Many of us see partner dancing as a language. This workshop is about optimizing communication through the use of sentence structure. We have the opportunity to speak and hear more clearly when we choose to develop our linguistics.  Not to be missed!

WORKSHOP C  (1:15-2:30pm):  “Musicality in Motion" (with Liz)  

Fusion music is rich with multiple layers of textures, rhythms, musical voices, and energy dynamics. This is the perfect workshop to start the weekend by learning to better appreciate the nuances of what you are listening to, and how to channel that music through your body using energetics, poly-rhythms, hitting' the breaks, and other interpretive techniques that will make your dance experience oh so much the richer!

WORKSHOP D  (2:45-4:00pm):   "Fancy Fusion Wizardry" (with Ari & Alyssa)

In this class, we’ll embellish our ability to play by learning to use "illusions", "arm flips" and other such wonderful fusion wizardry which can be applied to almost any moment of partnered dance and can take you places you never dreamed of going.  It’s definitely the kind of thing that will dramatically elevate both the level of fun & play between you and your partner and which can, at the same time, make anyone watching on the side go “oooh, ahhhh, & Yeowza!”

WORKSHOP E  (2:45-4:00pm):   “Exploring Solo Movement & Conversational Dance” (with Lessa)

Learn the art of self-expression through music, and at the same time how to create "conversational" dance with your partner through energy exchange and dynamic play -- a much more free-styling, fun, and co-creative way to connect and inspire each other on the dance floor!


Join us as we create a unique NW Fusion Youtube Dance Video using the many landscapes of Camp Casey as our backdrop and you as the stars!  This will be awesome  :) (Go to the GALLERY PAGE to see our 2017 Video)

WORKSHOP F (8-9pm):  “Fusion Waltz & the Art of Free-styling” (with Ari & Alyssa)

The focus of this fun, all-inclusive group class will be to first introduce a few simple waltz concepts for those wanting to do some traditional waltzing steps, and then to immediately turn around and demonstrate how none of those are really all that necessary to dance “fusion” waltz.  While it’s true that “fusion” waltz can borrow from most anything you know in standard waltz, it also adds on a world of free-form possibilities, syncopated steps, counter-balance rhythms, and many other combinations or styling elements you can harness from tango, swing, blues, ecstatic dance, contact improv, or virtually any other movement form.  This simple, easy-to-follow class will help demystify the kinds of movements, improvisations, creativity, and flow that you can apply to a waltz song (or to a non-waltz one for that matter!).

CLICK HERE to see a video that shows the kind of free-styling fun you can get by adding fusion concepts to a more traditional waltz song.  Enjoy!   

WORKSHOP G (12pm-1am):  “Midnight Micro” (with Tzoul) (in the Grotto-for-Getting-Better)

The advantages of using a microcosmic lens are bottomless. What are the benefits of going deep with someone? When is it best to whisper? How do you apply the rules of 'Conservation of Energy' when holding someone with minimal energy? Sometime less is more when the night is long...

------------------------- SUNDAY, June 3, 2018 -------------------------

WORKSHOP H (10:30am-12pm):  “Getting Flashy, Having Fun" (with Sarah & Chaz)

Spice up your fusion dancing with some new dance moves to put into your dance toolbag. We'll give tips and tricks for specific moves as well as styling and rhythm tips. Since Fusion Dance is all about creativity, we'll have an exercise that will get you working with others to create your own flashy and dance moves to share with the other students.

WORKSHOP I  (1:15-2:30pm):   “Swouk" (with Tzoul)

How it's done, why it works, and who is responsible. Two seemingly very different dances mingle to create culture's greatest invention. West Coast Swing was born with a California spirit and Zouk was laid by the Lambada. How do we do two dances at once, and the art of Fusion

WORKSHOP J (1:15-2:30pm): "Bal-Fusion FUN-damentals!" (with Jo Ann)

"Balboa" is a form of swing dance first created and inspired by the big band music of the 1930's to 1940's, but easily applied to hip hop, funk, and techno. In this class, you will learn some fun foundational Balboa moves, then explore how music from different genres can shape, change, and inform the dance.

WORKSHOP L (2:45-3:45pm):  "Heart Sound All-Star Switch Class"; PLUS Closing Ceremony & Surprise Group Activity with the Heart Sound Teaching Staff.

Switching lead & follow is an important skill on the D-floor. Reaching outside your typical role to embrace the other is a magnificent was to improve your communication skills. In this final class, you'll have the opportunity to place yourself in the other's shoes as instructed by the entire Heart Sound Staff. Your instructors will be switching, taking turns sharing the lead of the class as well. It's the perfect way to bring the weekend to a close before heading back to Seattle for our after-party at Om Fusion!