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TO REGISTER, please send an email to with the following information  (just copy and paste the questions written below (1-16), and fill the answers in in your email.  Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience.  Hopefully the problem will be fixed very soon.

-----  TO REGISTER -----

PLEASE LET US KNOW THE FOLLOWING: (please fill out a separate form for each person in your party)

1.  Your name:
2.  Your email address:
3.  Your phone number:
4.  Your city & state:
5.  Your lead/follow status (see form below):
6.  Which dance package/housing option you are registering for (see form below):
7.  If you are planning to share a room with someone, who is that?:
8.  If you need a roommate, would you prefer M, F, or no Either?:
9.  Which dorm would you prefer: the louder late night one, or the quieter sleepy one?:
10.  Will you bring your own pillow & linens, or would you like to rent them from the camp for $10?
11.  Which meals on Sat & Sun will you realistically be attending? (The staff at Camp Casey would like to know --see "dining section" of the form below):
12.  Any dietary restrictions?  (see form below):
13.  Any food allergies?
14.   Will you be paying by PayPal or Credit Card (online), or by  Cash, Check , or Money Order (in person, or by mail)?
15.  If you are paying for someone else, what is there name?
16.  Any special needs or requests?

Many thanks again, and again, our apologies for the inconvenience.    We look forward to seeing at Heart Sound!


To register for Heart Sound Fusion:

  1. Please complete the registration form below and click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the form.  

  2. After you have registered, please click on the PAYMENT page if you are planning to pay using a credit card or paypal account.  Otherwise, wait for an email from Ari that will explain your other options for paying by check, money order, or in person.

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Please fill out a separate form for each person in your party:

Please let us know your Lead or Follow status (to be used for workshops & classes only)


============= PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY: =============

Which of the following dance/housing options are you registering for?

FULL WEEKEND PACKAGES (Includes all workshops & dances):

FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY "Dance, Doze, Dine & Dash" PACKAGES:


DANCE-ONLY TICKET (No meals or housing)


============= PLEASE LET US KNOW THE FOLLOWING =============


If you chose one of the 'double room' options and would like us to pair you with a roommate, please let us know your preference below:

Which dorm description would you prefer? (If you are attending with someone, please decide on your answer together before marking below)

Please let us know what you are planning to do regarding your pillow, sheets, blanket, towels & linens


2) DINING (Sat breakfast - Sunday lunch)

After explaining our late-night dance schedule to the folks at Camp Casey, they wanted us to let them know which meals you would realistically be attending in order to better plan their meal service and not waste food (i.e., if you're not planning to eat breakfast on Sat or Sun, do not mark those options below). For folks buying the Friday Night ONLY or Saturday Night ONLY packages, please mark which meal you be having the following day (i.e., either breakfast or lunch). To sum it up, PLEASE MARK ALL OF THE MEALS YOU WILL REALISTICALLY BE ATTENDING BELOW:


If you are dining with us, please let us know any dietary restriction you might have:


============================= PAYMENT =============================

Payment can be made using your credit card or PayPal account from our payment page (Click on "PAYMENT" in the menu), or by personal check or money order sent by mail, or by cash, check, or money order paid in person before May 18th. Please check the appropriate box below to indicate your intention for payment. Payment by cash, check, or money order will help you to avoid the added online PayPal charge.

Please mark the appropriate box below: