"Fine Print" Details



1)   HOUSING FACILITIES:  These are private rooms in a dorm-style barracks, with two single twin-sized beds per room.  

  • The "Shared Double Room" option is a shared room with one other person.  
  • The "Private Room" option is the room by yourself. 


    • You will need to bring your own towels & bedding (sheets, blankets, pillowcase), or you can rent a bedding package from Camp Casey for $10 (includes towel's, pillow, pillowcase, and bedding) 
    • On the registration form, please let us know if you would prefer to be housed in the "louder late-night party dorm", or in the "quieter late-night sleeping dorm".

2)  CAMPING FACILITIES:  There are camping facilities at Camp Casey.  Camping sites can hold up to two tents or 10 people per site.  If you are using this option, on the registration form please be sure to let us know the names of all the persons sharing your site.



The Full Weekend "All-Access" Package provides you with all five meals of your stay, from breakfast on Saturday to lunch on Sunday, as well as midnight snacks on Friday & Saturday.  

          If you are planning to arrive early on Friday, and would like to join us for the buffet-style camp dinner that evening, you can add this onto your package for an additional $17 (Just mark this option in on the registration page, and add it to your shopping cart on the payment page if you are paying by Visa or CC)  


Dining hours are:  

      • BREAKFAST:     8:00-9:00am  
      • LUNCH:              12:00-1:00pm   
      • DINNER:             5:00-6:00pm

The camp food is all home-cooked buffet style, and the kitchen can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and most other allergy or dietary needs.  Please list any special dietary preferences and/or any food allergies you might have on the registration form.


  • All of the dance classes & workshops on Saturday & Sunday are included in the Full-Weekend Packages.  They are not included with either of the a la carte "Dance Only" tickets. 
  • On Sunday evening, from 9:00pm to midnight, everyone is invited to Om Fusion in Seattle for the official camp after-party.  Bring your "Heart Sound Fusion" wrist-band with you and get $2 off of the regular $7 admission at the door (you must be wearing your wrist-band at the door to receive this discount)


A variety of pricing options are available as listed on the PACKAGES & PRICING PAGE.  On the registration form, please let us know which package you will be selecting.  If you are not planning to sleep at Camp Casey (i.e., you live locally or will commute), you are free to use the "non-housed" package option.  If you are camping, please let us know those details as well (how many are in your group, and the names of all those who will be sharing your site)


FULL WEEKEND PACKAGES:  Include Full Room & Board (from Sat breakfast to Sun Lunch); both Fri & Sat dances; all weekend workshops, classes & group activities; and a $2 discount for the afterparty at Om Fusion (must be wearing wristband)

          If you are planning to arrive early on Friday before the dance, and would like to join us for the buffet-style camp dinner that evening, you can add this onto your package for an additional $17 (Just mark this option in on the registration page, and add it to your shopping cart on the payment page if you are paying by Visa or CC).  


FULL WEEKEND "NON HOUSED" PACKAGE:  Offers the same amenities as the "Full Weekend Package", but no housing

"Early-Bird" Discount Dates:


  • EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT:  Available until Mon, April 20th.
  • REGULAR BIRD DISCOUNT:  is from April 21st - May 9th
  • AT THE DOOR PRICING:  is from May 10th - May 18th

"Referral" Discounts:

 GET $10 OFF OF YOUR COST for EACH REFERRAL YOU MAKE!  Encourage people to sign up, and when they do, you'll get $10 off for each one you referred.  To get credit for this, the person you refer must write your name in on the "referred by" field of their registration form.  If three friends do this, you'll get $30 back; if five friends do it, you'll get $50 back, and so on...  (This is something new we're experimenting with this year.  Give it a shot and see how it goes.  Let us know if you have any questions....  :)

Fine Print:

  • Referrals will only be credited for those people who claim you on their registration form when they register, and who have paid for camp by May 18th (i.e., no credit will be given for people who claim you after they've sent their registration form in, or who have registered but not paid)
  • Referral discounts will be good for up to 1/2 of your own cost (i.e., if your own cost for camp is $200, you can get up to $100 off through referrals)
  • All refunds will be given to you when you check in at the camp registration desk on May 19th.  (i.e., if you made three referrals, you will be given $30 cash at the registration desk at check-in)  


While all purchases are final and non-refundable, they are fully transferrable.

        If you find you are unable to attend the event, you may give or sell your ticket to another person on your own. If you do give it to another person, please notify us of the switch by emailing arilevitt@hotmail.com, cc-ing all of the people involved, and giving consent for the switch to occur.


  • Bedding (sleeping bag and pillow, linens)
  • Bathroom Necessities (including a bath and hand towel)
  • Dance Shoes, Dance Clothes for Fri & Sat Parties and classes
  • Warm clothes (just in case)
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid Kit
  • For Friday's Party:  the theme is "tactile treasures" so bring anything that is interesting to the touch to wear or dance in!
  • For Saturday's Party:  the theme is "nautical by nature", so bring your blues, greens, topes, or anything with a nautical feel.... 

WHAT TO DO?  Come early on Friday and enjoy the beautiful setting of Fort Casey.  Here is just a partial list of things to do:

  • Walk the miles of beachfront
  • Hike on miles of trails
  • Visit Washington State Park, Fort Casey & the Admiralty Head Lighthouse
  • Walk on the ferry to Pt. Townsend
  • Fly a kite (bring your own), bring frisbees, baseballs, etc for use int he open field.
  • Basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts are also available
  • Bring a mountain bike and take to the trails
  • Check out the National Park Ebey’s Reserve (Casey is located inside this boundary)

GENERAL RULES (provided by Camp Casey):

  • Outdoor quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 7:00am (please be mindful when walking outside from our dance halls to your rooms)
  • Fort Casey State Park (next door) closes at dusk, even to walkers and hikers. All park regulations and state laws are strictly enforced by the Park Rangers inside the park. The Park Rangers will issue an expensive ticket for a violation.
  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, firearms, fireworks, candles and illegal substances are not allowed
  • Pets are not allowed (with the exception of prescribed assistance dogs)
  • Wading and swimming in the Puget Sound waters is prohibited (dangerous rip tides). No driftwood or marine life may be removed from the beach. No driftwood may be burned at campfires.
  • The Camp Casey septic system is very fragile, only flush toilet paper down the toilets.
  • Respect the other guest groups staying at Camp Casey.
  • Drive slowly and carefully at all times on Casey roads. Speed Limit is 5 MPH.
  • Do not drag heavy tables or furniture across any floors or carpeted areas of the buildings or move furniture/mattresses.
  • The bluffs, ocean beach, hiking at night and concrete bunkers can be extremely hazardous. Be careful!