Heart Sound Fusion!

Put your heart where the Sound is...

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"Heart Sound 


May 19-21, 2017

Located at historic Fort Casey on beautiful Whidbey Island in the heart of Puget Sound (Washington State)

.... right on the beach, not far from Seattle, just around the corner from Kitsap, paddlin' distance from Port Townsend...

Enjoy an all-in, all-out, all-inclusive, all-inspiring weekend of fun, fabulous dancing, mind-bending music, world-class workshops, great food & companionship, games, socializing, and more! with some of the best fusion dancers, teachers, and DJ's in the known universe!

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A Little Nitty-Gritty for the Fusion Aficionado:

Come join your favorite fusion dancers, teachers, and DJ's from across the Pacific NW, throughout the USA & abroad, this May 19-21, 2017 on Whidbey Island for the biggest, newest, & baddest fusion dance festival ever to take place in the heart of the Puget Sound -- it's "Heart Sound Fusion" 2017 -- now in the making; soon for the taking; not to be missed!  CLICK HERE to register today and be a part of this wonderful community!

You'll enjoy a full weekend of mind-bending, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping music & dancing, learning & lounging, schmoozing & socializing, dining & dilly-dallying, and the most opportunity for fun, games, & spontaneity that can be packed into 72 hours on a beautiful island setting in the middle of the Puget Sound. 

The all-inclusive weekend package includes your own private or double room; five delicious home-cooked meals* (Sat breakfast to Sun lunch); all workshops, classes, & group activities**, and two fabulous dance parties on Friday & Saturday that will extend well into the wee hours of the morning, but keep you movin', groovin' & boppin' until long after that.  On Sunday we all migrate to Seattle for the after-party at Om Fusion!   What's not to love!  :)

Registration is OPEN!  Tier #1 Early-Bird Pricing is currently available, as are significant discounts for anyone making referrals (CLICK HERE for details) ...so sign up today!  Also be sure to join our Facebook Group Page for updates as well as for connecting to others regarding carpooling or roommate needs, etc.  Please help spread the word and tell everyone you know and would love to dance with to come!   It will be lovely to see you there  :)

Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests, suggestions, or thoughts you might have.  We welcome your inspirations and all collaborations in helping to make this the best-est weekend ever!

* The food is all home-cooked buffet-style, and the kitchen can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, 

        gluten-free, and most other allergy or dietary needs. 

** And of course, you'll enjoy the best of sound & instruction from local and international teachers 

        and DJ's during the workshops and dances

Testimonials, Imagined or Otherwise

"We haven't even done this event for 2017, but already I'm telling you, this party is gonna rock!  We've scoped out the site, and it's perfect!  We're bringing in the best, the funnest, and the most bad-ass there is.  You're not gonna wanna go home, I swear to God"

– Tzoul

"Like I said to the Pharaoh: 'Por favor, mi amigo, be a pyramid peers (or is that 'peer amid peers?') and let my people go!....to Heart Sound Fusion!' But Egypt us and made us work that weekend instead.  Sheesh.  That guy totally lives in da'Nile"

- Moses

"I love this place! - Eye feel so 'ground'ed; it goes right to my 'roots'.  The 'beet's rockin', the 'mash'-up takes the gravy, it's certainly got a'peel, and that little tater, Tzoul, tot me a ton!  I yam telling you, it's an experience you've got to 'hash' out for yourself"

- Mr. Potato Head

"Camp Casey is where I earned my stripes and really perfected my swing! - yea, that kind of swing.  It's what any Tiger Wood would do, wouldn't you?"

- Tiger Woods

"To be honest, if I were to ask someone to dance at Camp Casey, I would have to do so quite Gingerly.  Just out of habit I suppose...."

- Fred Astaire

I was having so much fun in the classes, I just couldn't concentrate!

- A Can of Orange Juice

"This place is beyond classic!  Other than that, I can't say much else.  I plead the 5th...

- Beethoven

"People always told us that we Khan't.  But after attending Heart Sound Fusion, we learned that we Khan.  We all Khan!"

- Ghenghis, Kubla, and Chaka

"Got a funny fish story for ya: Camp Casey is where I first met Dory, my cute little 'cuttle-fish' and 'sole'-mate.  Not a 'barnacle' to her name, but what a 'striker' she was!  She had beautiful mussels, and I could sea urchin was perfect!  But then I 'lobster' (not on 'porpoise').  Of course I 'flounder', but then I 'lobster' again!  Now, I'm not one to carp just for the 'halibut', but it's enough to give a guy a 'haddock'!  That's my little fish tail, and I'm sticking to it.  It's no fluke.

- Nemo (da' Clownfish)

"Ya know, mahn, if Dory was a guy, and a REALLY great dancer, you'd have to calamari!"

- Sebastian (da' crab)

"Woof to that!"

- Snoop Dog

"To be honest, it's no New York, but it is My Kind of Town, and You Can't Take That Away From Me..."

- A Little Too Frank, Sinatra

"By my troth, good sir, my compliments to the camp chef.  What foods these morsels be!"

- William Shakespeare